well i saw the news on ru but google translate works like TRASH on my network, the html thing loads the "simple" window instead of the regular version (levak pls help cause idk what the fuck im saying)

so the way i see it...

- next update t-5000 osiris! i used to play a game called contract wars (ITS STILL ALIVE BUT ITS DYING CAUSE ITS TOO P2W, HACKERS, ETC.) and t-5000 was awesome. seems to me this version is just gonna be some glorified sae scout. which tbh i hate. i mean crytek was like "OH LETS MAKE THIS A SHOTGUN SNIPER, WITH 35 METERS RANGE. THEN LETS GIVE IT 285 MIN DAMAGE SO IT'LL BE ONE HIT KILL ANYWAYS AT ANY RANGE!" omfg the 404: sense not found is just fucking me crazy. SPENCER PLS HELP WITH EXPRESSING MY SALT

- pkp pecheneg- i thought this was the m240 (or lmg240 whatever) but guess not. it looks like some no-recoil, slow-ass reload long-range lmg. tbh im going to sell my trash t27 like i sold my trash r16 and get it since im WAY done with rolling boxes. i watched gameplay with it and it looks to be pretty nice, with exception of slow ass ads and reloads.

- first win bonus pvp- OK WTF. YOU HAVE TO WIN FIRST ON WIN TEAM TO GET IT. ok then?? does this appeal at any way to miserable noobs like me who never get on first place of win team? sure i can get first place on LOSING team anyday but win team no fucking way!

- black shark OHHHHH THE HYPE! tbh i dont even know whats really so good about this but im still hyped with new spec-ops. i think its gonna be a tower-earth shaker-cyber horde mashup like anubis was. expect its gonna be in a tower.

- NEW ELTE CROWN SALE OHHHHHH EVEN MORE FUCKING HYPE OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH. that was awesome. i won rba sr58 spr in 5 boxes and sold for 460 k which tbh is too high for such trash sniper. this is coming from a guy who got s22 sas, btw. IF THEY PUT MSG 500 OR R16 OR AY 226 IN CROWN BOXES OHHHHH THE HYPE.

- other things that levak was teasing me about OH I WANT TO KNOW WHATS CRYTEK PLANNING. I WANT TO KNOW 'WHY THE HYPE IS REAL'.