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guys i need help! weapon choosing that is!

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so some of you know i posted a whole bunch of gun compare topics on the regular warface forums but what i want to know is your guys opinions on the following box guns!

faram ltr6
msg 500 custom vs faram atf 12?
svk as
zx84 ump



T27 low recoil best handling but I hate like it looks on my screen. This why I prefer R16.
ltr6 - wood stick
msg 500 - same shit
svk as - bullshit
zx84 - just a shit

Take ATF12 of FABARM old version
McMillan X308 and Scout  is best sniper set

Engineer Honey Bagger  or ne one T300 as alternative to box casino.



lol so people like r16 over t27 cause it looks better? thats news to me rofl. i thought r16 had really big muzzle flash (farm sunset) and i barely see a crap when i use it lol. but its SO expensive in auction house right now, i had one 350 k x7 bids but it jacked to 470 k in a matter of minutes. i want to get one under 300 k but that seems all but impossible. t27 i got for 310 k nobody wanted that shit lol.

ltr6 wood stick? lol i was thinking on buying it since i see a good one going for ~100 kredits (started at 1 k). if it goes over 250 im just going to forget about it im just sick of idiots bidding so damn high with 1 hour left.

msg 500? rlly like everybody who uses this loves it lol. idk i see a good one for 410 k in auction right now but over 500 imma pass it off.

svk as i agree,

ump is not good? lol i assumed all high level pros had ump as fav engineer gun since its basically fy-103 for engi. so high damage but dumbass recoil i guess im not alone lol!

so the way i see it your saying i stick with faram atf-12 and faram sat 8 pro? and miller ap6/twm x308/scout for sniper? and ccr honeybadger for engineer? tbh i dont have twm x308 or scout but i do have miller since absolutely hate sniper class. ive got s22 sas for pve and miller for pvp when i do decide to troll around with sniper class. for engineer i actually liked ccr cqb and exar-l, i got ccr honey for 20 days and kinda got bored with it... lol. thanks for reply!



Personal opinion:
T27, really good gun if you can aim and hit heads on first shot, as it has good accuracy at large ranges and a matching damage.
MSG 500, one of the very few shotguns I was able to use for headshots, solid for close and midrange, great handling.
SVK AS, can't comment on this one, haven't looted it often enough to form an opinion lol
ZX84 UMP, best smg for long rages as it was discussed and detailed on the official forums, with heavy use of math and stats. Recoil is strong and the mag size of 25 runs out fast, but it also hits reeeally hard.
R16A4, one of the best assault rifles, especially popular for PvP

lol so people like r16 over t27 cause it looks better? thats news to me rofl.

The R16 has significantly lower recoil than the T27 if you equip it with the same grip (even without the warface gloves).

Miller suffers from the Titan Tanking effect more often than most other sniper rifles, so careful with that. TWM X308 is good for longer ranges, Sae Scout is more recommended for close quarters.
For engineer, I have found the Honey Badger to under-perform in PvP, especially for its stats (still good for PvE), if you want the strongest, get the UMP; if you want something strong and easy to use, CCR QCB or EXAR-L.


You are here » Unofficial Warface Forum » VS Ranked Matches » guys i need help! weapon choosing that is!