Dear unofficial warface community,

Since we started this board like a little week ago, already a bunch of posts have been made and the number of members grows.

But.. it is not enough, if we want this forum to be a decent competitive and/or alternative for the official forum of warface, progress has to be made.

This is why I have some remarks and rewards:

1) You noticed that you are described as a 'slave', after 10 posts, you will notice you will grow to be a more respective member of this forum. There are different post ranks and it is not hard to promote yourself, you rank up pretty fast. ( little hint: 10-15-20-30...posts)  :writing:

This is done to encourage active engagement in this forum. Ofcourse we appreciate it, if the quality of your posts are decent, but since we don't have any standards here, you do what you want... :crazy:

2) We would appreciate it a lot, if you help this forum grow by inviting other community members. Just remind your close teammates ingame, that this forum is the real deal, or atleast will be the real deal in the forum.

You can use a special link for invite which will make sure that everybody knows that you was the one that made a new member come to this forum. Just go to profile and click on "invitations" and copy the invitation link.

I will keep an eye on this and will award members that have invited a lot of people! (still thinking about awards but ofcourse it will be something awesome  :unsure:  :glasses:)

3) Last but not least, I want to make a final adress to all our members:

This forum was made because we felt that the official forum has become too strict in some rules and is protecting cheaters more than decent people who wanted some changes.
A lot of other reasons (ingame problems and no response or censoring by mods) can be named too ofcourse.
We encourage people in this forum to posts cheaters here, which undoubtfully will happen exponentially when ranked season starts.

I know we have no rules, and we will not act against what I am asking not to do now..but, if we want this forum to keep existing, we should keep in mind that this forum will be closely monitored by Crytek.
They can punish us individually by looking at our accounts, but what I am most afraid of, is a contact between Crytek, and the provider/owner of this forum platform. I can write a whole paragraph about the specifics, but I am too lazy atm, I want to relate to the practice of getting websites ofline by goverments, individuals just by e-mailing and threatening the owner of the adress/providor that they are contributing to illegal content and will be sued if they don't get a site offline.

All I ask is to post names of cheaters, members who support hackers and providing SCREENSHOTS or VIDEOS. But please, only do it with the so called " 100% procent sure hackers" and NOT by posting a name, telling he is a hacker, while this person is for example a high rank and there is no screenshot or video, or this is not 100 procent guaranteed a hacker. You know what I mean, sometimes its not that clear but you say ingame: HACKER ( knowing there is a chance you are just raging).

so here a guideline, which you fully can ignore if you want, without getting punished by us:

1) The person is just above the rank requirement to play RANKED
2) the statistics are beyond normal, the behaviour is beyond reason abnormal

=> screenshot and video and shame that guy

3) there are people supporting this guy: - You asked them to vote surrender, - you saw them play more with them, other things which makes them supporting:

=> screenshot and shame those people

4) There is a hacker, supported by some players, but there is one player that seems to be in the wrong place and team.

=> Censor the name in the screenshot if you are sure he wasn't a part of this, or if you are not 100 procent sure he was supporting. (Relating to a topic which some guys said they were voting yes to kick but were lying: name and shame please)

5) There is a guy, you are almost sure he is hacking, using vpn things or whatever, but there are doubts. (for example: He is a known community member, high ranked, the clan is respected in a way, the hacks are not that visible like some hackers who dont seems wanting to hide it)

=> Be bit more cautious, Try to make a video or adress this issue by making a topic which doesn't contain shame words in the title but expresses a suspicion, ask for advice in the topic you make.

6) Ignore this guideline if you want, but remember, as soon as crytek is convinced we are naming people publicly without any regard of somehow decent facts, they will try to take this forum down.

THX FOR READING, sorry for typerrors, I wrote this in a rush and will probarly edit this a lot.

ENJOY  :tired: