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so i was really excited for some crown sale cooking up. then i find out I OWN ALL THE GUNS THAT WERE PUT UP FOR CROWNS. initially last update i only had 7k crowns and won rba in 1k crowns, but by the looks of it nobody is winning the perm gun like they woulda been winning them last crown sale.

then i just used all my money past few weeks on full set of warlord for all class (WHICH IM NEVER GOING TO USE LOL, at least besides spec ops and insane), but i doubt 50-100,000 wf$ is enough to win a perm ac7 smg (which is all i really give a crap about since exar-h and ccr are just shitguns). currently i have 512 wf$ rofl, so i wont be able to (try) and win guns i dont have in discount boxes (svk-as, r16a4, and faram ltr6). lol. im looking forward to more though!



Glad I've already sold my exar h and ac7 smg :)
The reason I sold the exar h they changed the recoil twice I think, then I never used it after that nerf and the ac7 same recoil as honey badger as I can remember, honey badger gold is better, for me that is.



lol tbh i cant really see difference in performance in gold guns. little bit extra mag no difference little extra rpm meh no difference little extra range no difference at all. maybe 50% extra damage to cyborgs is gonna make these better.



True they are a waste of money the only good thing is no repair cost



I am glad they are doing this, it is better than most of their discounts so far! We get the chance to win three of the legendary weapons that many of us never had the means to acquire outside the Auction house. We also have weapons for crowns for those who have stocked up on those since the last crown sale, and for those who did not manage to earn enough wfd for the other weapons. And after all that, we also have eight (!) other boxes on a 33% discount, what is the best they do on the 2700 boxes (they also had those boxes with 20% and 25% in the past, but 33% was the best discount I can remember).

I am going to waste every last of currencies I have on these, wish me luck.

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yeah i only had 10k crowns to begin with, got nothing as usual. it doesnt really matter to me tbh cause i already have most guns i want. just waiting for a good r16 deal to roll by and im pretty much set.


You are here » Unofficial Warface Forum » General » NEW WARFACE SALE ISN'T VERY GOOD :(