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Transition aka ruski invasion

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Any thoughts on this ?

what do you guys think, is it going to be any better than so far or we fcked up like we were up to this ?

i kinda think it will only induce russian population in servers and nothing else.

Only thing i'm actually looking forward is new anticheat system that will hopefully work a bit better than eac. as far as i am informed hackers get banned pretty fast on russian version (they do exist but they don't last long enough to even enter ranked matchs by rank)



I think...we are fucked..
I amthink especially concerned about auction house and wiretaps :x



well i actually don't care so much about auction house, i have pretty much all weapons that i need to play pvp

and i'm not challenge-hungry player that i will farm 25000 kills on each weapon so....

that worries me the most are laggers and teleporters, they are majority of the problem in pvp at this point

hackers are rare but they still do exist

we played against paradox clan yesterday and got aimbotted by a sniper called Trebron59, later on *Czechoslovakia* clan, also aimbot (imagine sniper with twm 308 running around the map, instant  headshooting everyone)

after that french alliance, playing yard, attacking and going to plant 1. we threw 4 smokes at the passage to market, i was sniper and i layed in the bush in the smoke, i got insta headshot by bouby from across the market.... trough 4 freaking smokes and laying in the grass.... ffs..... and he is freaking rank 80 ( no it wasnt luck, 1 shot sniper headshot kill trough 4 smokes in the grass)

so yea, that's my worry, laggers, teleporters, hackers....

game economy doesn't concern me so much


You are here » Unofficial Warface Forum » General » Transition aka ruski invasion